Lansana Gagny SAKHO


Lansana Gagny SAKHO has commenced his career in the field of manufacturing management. He has crafted his skills by working in dynamic and diverse industries, offering over 20 years of commercial and development expertise within various organizational structures including multi-nationals, corporates, SMME's and non-profit sectors.

Lansana has strong management experience, professional approach, practical skills, and a desire to support genuine development initiatives make him a valued resource for many profit focused and development organizations alike.

His experience encompasses supply and value chains, strategic reviews, business development, organizational restructuring, building people’s capacities, project management and systems implementation. He is a dynamic and reliable leader whose is able to achieve results by combining his expansive experience. He has successfully implemented various development and sustainability programs for organizations like UNDP, ITC, USAID, World Bank, and World Fair Trade Organisation. His past organizations also include, Coca-Cola Company, Philip Morris, Colgate Palmolive, SC Johnson Co Ltd.

Lansana was the Managing Director of Experts Director of Experts Visions ( His corporate and private sector knowledge within a social enterprise context offered a refreshing and focused dimension for dis-advantaged communities. He was consulted by various enterprises across a wide range of disciplines in order to benefit from his management ability, extensive experience and dynamic style. This is coupled with a driving desire to support development initiatives and organizations and making them triple bottom line sustainable.

Turning point… October 2014, with his experience in the private sector, Lansana decided to join the public sector. The Senegalese government entrusted him with the management of rural water supply, which concerned 8,000,000 Senegalese. He set up the Office of Rural Drilling from scratch and successfully conducted the first rural water supply reform in sub-Saharan Africa.

On the strength of these successes, in October 2017 the Senegalese government decided to entrust the management of Sanitation to him as Director General of the National Office of Sanitation of Senegal.