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  • Market research / marketing / Communication

    • Rock solid experience in product development and new product launch. Combine knowledge of research and analysis, with strategic marketing and sales management 
    • Familiar with sectorial marketing plan development at nationwide level
    • Supported for research and development of new products, customer survey, competitive intelligence, market research

  • Building capacities specialist

    • More than 15 years Experience of lecturing and implementation training programs in sales, marketing, international trade management workshops, building capacities... 
    • Development and management of institutional strengthening, capacity building and training programs.
    • Designed programmes on capacity building for IOs such as private sector networks. Initiated educational programmes on business and marketing planning process for entrepreneurs. Key consultant for capacity building programmes on enterprise development for consultants in Ethiopia and Uganda under the International Trade Centre.

  • International Trade

    • Successful experience in the management of technical assistance projects in the field of trade policy in close partnership with private organizations and international institutions. Excellent knowledge of the region of West & Central Africa as regards the organization of distribution networks of trade regulations.
    • Expert specializing in international trade, particularly on issues of development of exports of goods and services, including the design of development tools such as business systems, business information management, promotion and innovation business.

  • Institutional and Private Sector Development

    • Private sector development expert with specific experience in the management of business programs for small enterprises, facilitation of learning programs for entrepreneurs, development of strategic business and marketing plans, and collaboration with various organizational structures including multinational corporations, SMEs, and private and non-profit sectors. Managing Director/Team Leader/Senior Advisor on international projects, encompassing technical, environmental, institutional, organizational, regulatory, strategy and policy considerations.